Ad Parnassum No. 12 - Contents

Ad Parnassum
Vol. 6 - No. 12 - October 2008
pp. 220

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Fulvia Morabito


Beverly Jerold
The Tromba and Corno in Bach’s Time

Anatole Leikin
Thematic Rapprochement in the Recapitulations of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven

Rohan H. Stewart-MacDonald
The Treatment of the Sonata Principle and the Cultivation of ‘Cyclic’ Processes in the Symphonies of Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)


Hugh Macdonald
A Wrong Note in Puccini’s ‘Crisantemi’


Floyd Grave
‘Boccherini Studies’. Volume 1

Federico Celestini
Domenico Scarlatti Adventures: Essays to Commemorate the 250th Anniversary of His Death

Rohan H. Stewart-MacDonald
Beyond ‘The Art of Finger Dexterity’: Reassessing Carl Czerny

Giuseppe Montemagno
Hector Berlioz. Miscellaneous Studies

Donald R. Boomgaarden
Music in Eighteenth-Century Life: Cities, Courts, Churches

Jeremy Eskenazi
Alexandre Dratwicki, Un nouveau commerce de la virtuosité: émancipation et métamorphoses de la musique concertante au sein des institutions musicales parisiennes (1780-1830)

Victoria Alemany
Antonio Ezquerro Esteban, Música instrumental en las catedrales españolas en la época Ilustrada

Peter Lamothe
Heath Lees, Mallarmé and Wagner: Music and Poetic Language


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