Ad Parnassum No. 13 - Contents

Ad Parnassum
Vol. 7 - No. 13 - April 2009
pp. 208

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Rohan H. Stewart-MacDonald


Floyd Grave
Galant Style, Enlightenment, and the Paths from Minor to Major in Later Instrumental Works by Haydn

Balázs Mikusi
Haydn’s «Requiem for Mozart»? Revisiting the Slow Movement of Symphony No. 98

Stéphanie Moraly
Aux sources d’un Âge d’Or. La Sonate pour violon et piano en France au xixe siècle

João Pedro d’Alvarenga
Some Preliminaries in Approaching Carlos Seixas’ Keyboard Sonatas

Dillon R. Parmer, Nicole Grimes
«Come, Rise to Higher Spheres!». Tradition Transcended in Brahms’s Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Major, Op. 78


Rudolf Rasch
Vivaldi, “Motezuma” and the Opera Seria: Essays on a Newly Discovered Work and Its Background

Rosalba Agresta
William Weber, The Great Transformation of Musical Taste. Concert Programming from Haydn to Brahms

Donald R. Boomgaarden
Matthew Riley, Musical Listening in the German Enlightenment: Attention, Wonder and Astonishment

Benedict Taylor
Brian Newbould, Schubert and the Symphony: A New Perspective

Simone Ciolfi
Muzio Clementi. Compositore, (forte)pianista, editore


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