Ad Parnassum No. 18 - Contents

Ad Parnassum
Vol. 9 - No. 18 - October 2011
pp. 144

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Luca Lévi Sala


Alistair Wightman
Religious Elements in Young Poland Music

Michael Murphy
The Actuality of Karłowicz’s Artistic Authenticity and Authority

Luca Lévi Sala
«What Has Already Been Will Return No More». «Bianca da Molena» by Mieczysław Karłowicz: A Test of Musical Theater


James L. Zychowicz
James Garratt, Music, Culture and Social Reform in the Age of Wagner

Didier van Moere
European «Fin-de-siècle» and Polish Modernism: The Music of Mieczysław Karłowicz

Teresa Cascudo García-Villaraco
Stephen Downes, Music and Decadence in European Modernism: The Case of Central and Eastern Europe

Luca Lévi Sala
Jadwiga Paja-Stach, Muzyka polska od Paderewskiego do Pendereckiego

Jeremy Eskenazi
The Correspondence of Muzio Clementi / La Corrispondenza di Muzio Clementi

Benedict Taylor
David Damschroder, Harmony in Schubert

Ian Woodfield
Ian Taylor, Music in London and the Myth of Decline: From Haydn to the Philharmonic

Luigi Della Croce
Benedetta Saglietti, Beethoven, ritratti e immagini. Uno studio sull’iconografia

Matthew Pilcher
Tilman Skowroneck, Beethoven the Pianist

Floyd Grave
Philippe Sollers, Mysterious Mozart

David Chapman
Peter Holman, Life After Death: The Viola da Gamba in Britain from Purcell to Dolmetsch


Andrzej Sitarz
Małgorzata Perkowska-Waszek


«Palace of Melody: An Historical Survey of Music Venues in Porto»

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