Ad Parnassum No. 20 - Contents

Ad Parnassum
Vol. 10 - No. 20 - October 2012
pp. 260

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Steven Huebner


Graham Pont
Jazzing Handel: Rhythmic Alteration in Two Popular Marches

Rudolf Rasch
The Four Lives of Francesco Geminiani’s Violin Sonatas Opus 1 (1716-1762)

Walter Kurt Kreyszig
Quantz’s «Adagio in C-Major for Flute and Basso Continuo» (QV 1:7) in His «Versuch» (1752): ‘Baroque Ornamentation in the Context of the Mid-18th Century Music Theoretical Discourse and Compositions in the «stilus mixtus»’

James L. Zychowicz
Disavowing Farewell: Mahler’s Sketches for the Coda of His Ninth Symphony


Stephan D. Lindeman
Muzio Clementi, Concerto per cembalo e orchestra / Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Op-sn 30

Maria Teresa Arfini
Benedict Taylor, Mendelssohn, Time and Memory: The Romantic Conception of Cyclic Form

Naomi Matsumoto
Instrumental Music and the Industrial Revolution

Renato Ricco
Fulvia Morabito, Pietro Antonio Locatelli

Benedetta Saglietti
Luigi Bellofatto, Alexander Wheelock Thayer, The Greatest Biographer of Ludwig van Beethoven. A Study in Nineteenth-Century American Music Criticism


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